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1. Introduction

The Debian project is currently in the process of putting together the next release of the Debian system. This version will utilize the new libc6, a replacement for the prior libc5 which includes many enhancements and brings the Linux C library back into sync with the GNU project. We are doing this in a way to allow you to continue to utilize your older software by providing development and operating environments for both C libraries. However, all packages in the new release will be linked with the new C library. This has made it slightly more difficult to install packages from the unstable branch of our development tree into a working system. There is a slight possibility of making your system unbootable in the process, this guide is intended to help you avoid such problems.

1.1 Recent Changes

1.2 Finding updates

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1.3 Copyright and Disclaimer

This Mini-HOWTO is covered by the copyright of and may be further redistibuted under the same terms as other HOWTOs from the LDP.

As always, this document comes with NO WARRANTY. These comments are based on my personal experience and experimentation. While this worked for me off a freshly installed v1.3.1 system, you mileage may vary. Please send any comments or corrections to

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